dividend increases

Dividends are a payout that a company pays its shareholders. At the core of dividend growth investing is the concept that you want to invest in companies that are increasing their dividends. Some companies increase their dividends annually while others may increase their dividends more frequently.

Here I will list the dividend increases that are announced by the companies that I own stock in. If you are interested in learning more about the announcement, then just click the green square on the table for the desired announcement.

2020 Dividend Increases

January 2020 – ADM, O, STAG
February 2020 – GPC, KO, WMT
March 2020 – O
April 2020 – JNJ, PG
May 2020 – FLO
June 2020 –
July 2020 –
August 2020 – MO
September 2020 – GIS, MSFT, STOR
October 2020 –
November 2020 –
December 2020 –