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Another Recent Buy – Altria Group (MO)

This purchase has been brewing for sometime. The stock has been below my cost basis for awhile now. I have been waiting and been patient and have finally decided to pull the trigger. This

Recent Buy – ExxonMobil

This was an ill timed purchase but I do not regret it one bit. The reason I say that it was ill timed was because the day after I made the purchase the U.S.

Recent Buy – AT&T (T) – For the 3rd time this year!

Well the verdict is in. AT&T has been allowed to merge with Time Warner. Since the announcement the stock has been trending downward. I think there will be some short term volatility but this

Recent Buy – AT&T (T) Again

The market has been seeing quite a bit of volatility lately. Some days it is up and some days it is down. With this volatility comes a lot of opportunities to buy stock in

Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

The market has seen a lot of volatility lately. Last week saw a lot of DGI bloggers buying consumer staples. Unfortunately for me I was not able to capitalize on the pullback in the

Recent Buy & Sell – Southern Company

Is that title confusing enough? Don’t fear, it will all become very clear shortly. With all of this tariff talk going on, especially involving China, I wanted to find a purchase that I could

Recent Buy – Altria Group (MO)

It would appear that I have been on a buying streak lately. Just a short time after making the purchase of AT&T stock, I decided to start a position in a new company. Some

Recent Buy – AT&T (T)

February went by and I didn’t make a single purchase. So I thought I would make a new purchase early in March. I was considering several different opportunities. Several of my current holdings like

Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

It has been a long time since I have made 2 purchases this close together. Low and behold though it has happened. Realty Income was a company that I owned a couple of years

Recent Buy – ExxonMobil (XOM)

For sometime now I have been educating myself about the overall picture of economics. When I publlished the reasons more money wasn’t going into More Dividends in 2017 I let it be known that