Monthly Updates Archive

More Dividends Update from May 2018

May turned out to be a pretty good month. Judging by the Recent Buys From Bloggers series a lot of investors have started slowing down their purchases. Well they are not alone. I have

More Dividends Update from April 2018

April was a stupendous month for More Dividends. I am continuing to grow my income for the 1st month of the quarter. It still is lagging the other months but it has gained a

More Dividends Update from March 2018

Another month is in the books. I hope that everyone had a fantastic month during March. I am very excited about this update because it is full of a lot of good news. A

More Dividends Update from February 2018

Welcome back readers. February turned out to be a good month for me. I was able to set a new February record high for dividend income. The market has been seeing plenty of volatility

More Dividends Update From January 2018

Welcome back readers. It has been a very interesting time since my last update. There has been a lot of volatility in the markets which has led to some great buying opportunities. I made

More Dividends Update From December 2017

December turned out to be a great month for me. I almost received a dividend income this month equal to that of the whole first quarter. I am very excited to reach a milestone

More Dividends Update From November 2017

Welcome back readers. November was a calm month for my portfolio and for life in general. I added a couple of shares to some of my smaller positions. I had a great month for

More Dividends Update From October 2017

Welcome back readers. October turned out to be an interestingly busy month for me. I went and saw several shows during the month but the best one was the performance of Luzia which was

More Dividends Update From September 2017

Welcome back readers. I hope that everyone had a very pleasant month of September. During the month, I was preparing to make a purchase but before I pulled the trigger, the stock that I

More Dividends Update From August 2017

Hey there readers and fellow bloggers. It has been awhile since I have posted any new updates on the website. I hope that all has been going well for everyone. There hasn’t been a