How to Screen for Stock Ideas as an Investor

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of investors in the world today who choose to “go it alone” instead of paying for help from a professional brokerage team. Although you might still make

More Dividends Update from October 2018

October proved to be a rather stagnant month. There wasn’t a lot of activity this month other than some reinvested dividends and market movements. The beauty of a dividend growth portfolio is that even

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/29/2018

Last week seems like forever ago. I have been so busy at work lately that it will be really nice when it slows down a little bit. Last week there was a diverse range

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/22/2018

Be careful. The market waves have become very choppy. Despite this, there are still plenty of good opportunities out there and our fellow DGI proved that last week. We saw several companies receiving multiple

5.8% Dividend Increase from WestRock ( WRK )

Dividend Increase Announcement On October 26th, WestRock announced a dividend increase of 5.8%. This will increase their dividend per quarter from $0.43 to $0.55. It is payable on November 19th for shareholders of record

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/15/2018

The sale continued last week. It seems like AbbVie was seeing a lot of action from DGI bloggers. Other than that it looks like investors were picking from a diverse range of companies from

More Dividends Update from September 2018

Hey guys. Am I the only one who thinks that September flew by too fast? Another busy month has led to my portfolio seeing very little buying activity which may not be a bad

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/8/2018

Last week, saw quite a bit of buying from the DGI community. One name that I seem to keep seeing lately is Iron Mountain which means that it is definitely worth doing some research

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/1/2018

It appears that investors have slowed down on new purchases. I was able to find a couple of new buys but nothing compared to what we had been seeing for the past couple of

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 9/24/2018

A lot of investors have been finding some great buying opportunities. Let’s look at what others have been buying. Cracker Barrell (CBRL) DivvyDad recently purchased 12 shares Gentex (GNTX) Divs4Jesus recently purchased 71 shares