.2% Dividend Increase from Realty Income ( O )

Dividend Increase Announcement On September 18th,Realty Income announced a dividend increase of .2%. This will increase their dividend per quarter from $0.22 to $0.2205. It is payable on October 15 for shareholders of record

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 9/10/2018

Welcome back readers. I hope that you have had a great week. It appears to me that a lot of investors are finding some good investment opportunities. I see some buying in the energy

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 9/3/2018

This week I didn’t see a lot of investors making new purchases. What I did see was a couple of investors make a lot of purchases. Although I didn’t mention them all I do

3 Best Dividend ETFs And Why They Are The Best?

With so many dividend ETFs available, choosing the best one might be somewhat tricky. Today, with such incredible choices available, how does one decide which one to choose and which one to skip? If

More Dividends Update from August 2018

Welcome back readers. I hope your travels have been going well over the past few months. I know that I recently have returned from a nice getaway to Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a beautiful

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 8/27/2018

Well wasn’t this an interesting week. There has been plenty of buying going on but there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner. Some people are buying cigarettes or telecom while others are buying

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 8/20/2018

Some stocks continue to shine while a lot of others rise up in the ranks. This week we saw a lot of buying going on. Illinois Tool Works continue to see a lot of

Why Go For Dividend Investing?

Dividend investing is a domain most people have touched and explored over time. Putting your money into dividends, apparently, all seems to be about ‘collecting checks and generating passive income’. However, there are a

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 8/13/2018

Well this has been an interesting week. After seeing all of the purchases this week two things have become very apparent to me. One is that the guys at Dividend Diplomats have been buying

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 8/6/2018

I couldn’t find a whole lot of action from the past week but there was definitely a clear winner. There is one constant with every purchase that I could find and that constant was