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More Dividends Income Report from January 2023

Boom! Just like that it is March and I haven’t even published my January report yet. I am going to go ahead and publish the January report and then immediately start working on the

More Dividends Update from December 2022

December was great but man a I glad that the holidays are over. The holidays are great for spending time with loved ones. Sometimes in smaller batches than others. Unfortunately, another part of the

More Dividends Update from October 2022

Well hey there. IT has been way to long since I have published a monthly update. The last time was back in March of this year. There has been a lot going on since

More Dividends Update from March 2022

March was an amazing month. The portfolio set a new high for dividend income in a month. The previous record was $203.22 but after this month the new record is $205.18. It wasn’t a

More Dividends Update from January 2022

January came with a lot of good news. I was able to increase my dividend income for January despite not being able to break the $100 a month mark. I am almost positive that

More Dividends Update from December 2021

December 2021 turned out to be a great month for me. Not only did I set a new milestone by receiving over $200 in a single month but I also took my first trip

More Dividends Update from November 2021

More Dividends portfolio performed splendidly in November. As you can see it is already 10 days into December so I am a bit late with this update. Don’t worry though. I have a good

More Dividends Update from October 2021

Another month has been recorded in the history books. The weather has begun cooling off. The leaves are turning some astounding shades of yellow and orange. The hiking was amazing during the month. I

More Dividends Update from September 2021

September turned out to be an amazing month for me. The More Dividends portfolio was able to record it’s largest amount of dividend income received in one month. Plus I made some moves in

More Dividends Update from March 2021

March seems like a long time ago. So much has happened since then. Clearly, I am running behind on publishing my monthly income report. Like they always say though, it’s better to be late