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Dividend Increase – Realty Income ( O )

Dividend Increase Announcement On March 14th, Realty Income announced a dividend increase of 0.2%. This will increase their dividend per month from $0.219 to $0.2195. It is payable on April 13th for shareholders of

Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

It has been a long time since I have made 2 purchases this close together. Low and behold though it has happened. Realty Income was a company that I owned a couple of years

Sold: Realty Income Corp

Sometimes in life we encounter situations which leaves us rethinking our strategy. This recently happened to me and I decided to change the way that I was doing some of my investing. Up until

More Dividends Fund Update – July 2015

I am way behind on getting this update posted onto the web site but this may have been inhibited by the fact that there isn’t much to update on for the month of July.