More Dividends Update from September 2016

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed a very prosperous September and what a prosperous month that it turned out to be. All of the metrics that I currently track for the blog are all showing an upward trend, which is fantastic. The Twitter following @MoreDividends has been growing as well. The month overall was great even though I didn’t get to do everything that I wanted to do. I have updated the Dividend Income and Portfolio pages so that they are all current. I am looking to add some fresh capital to my portfolio very soon but until then let’s look at how things went last month.


During September I started no new positions but I did add a few shares to some existing positions.

Coca Cola (KO) – 2.3747 shares with a cost basis of $100 ($0.00 in dividend income for 2016)

Kroger (KR) – 3 shares with a cost basis of $93.30 ($0.36 in dividend income for 2016)

This will add $1.07 to Dividend Income for the year.
These small additions by themselves aren’t very big but they are just small parts in some positions that I am building.
Although I didn’t make no big additions during the month, I am looking to deploy some capital when I find some better opportunities.

Dividends Received

Boom! New High Score for me! This month marked my highest total of dividends received in one month. It may not be a lot for some people but it is a lot for me. During the month of September I brought in $49.18 in dividends from 9 different companies! Now let’s break down which companies paid me a dividend.

Bank of America (BAC) – $5.06 – Reinvested

Emerson Electric (EMR) – $4.75 – Reinvested

Flowers Foods (FLO) – $5.12 – Reinvested

Microsoft (MSFT) – $3.59

Southern Company (SO) – $5.73- Reinvested

Target (TGT) – $6.00 – Reinvested

Wells Fargo (WFC) – $3.80 – Reinvested

Wal-Mart (WMT) – $5.07- Reinvested

Exxon Mobil (XOM) – $10.06 – Reinvested

September was the last month of Q3 and accounted for $49.18 of my 2016 Dividend Income.

So far my dividends received looks like this

MoreDividends Income September 2016

Dividends Received By Year

YoY growth in my dividend portfolio during the month of September was an impressive 475%. While I know that my dividends received showed a lot of growth. I am aware that this growth was created by a lot of new capital in the portfolio since 2015. While hoping to continue producing great YoY growth, I know that in the future it will be a lot more difficult to create such high growth unless I am able to increase the amount of capital that I am deploying.

Dividend Income September 2016

Dividend Increases

Anytime I am able to earn more money, for doing the same thing, is a great day. This month I was able to get 3 raises in dividends from some great companies.

Bank of America (BAC) – $0.05 to $0.075 – 50% Increase

Microsoft (MSFT) – $0.36 to $0.39 – 8.3% Increase

Walmart (WMT) – $0.49 to $0.50 – 2% Increase

Portfolio Allocation

When I put together this month’s chart for my Portfolio Allocation I decided to change some things around. I listed WestRock in the Materials sector and then I added Coke and Kroger to the Consumer Staples sector. These designations will be a more accurate representations for the sector in which the company operates in.

More Dividends Portfolio Allocation September 2016

Current Portfolio

The portfolio is currently performing great. There has been some volatility in the market and I have seen some stocks that I would love to strengthen my position in but I want to do it in a manner so as to not over allocate too much capital in one sector.

More Dividends Portfolio September 2016

Seeking Alpha Articles

Nothing new to report here under Seeking Alpha Articles. Life seems to have gotten a bit busy and I just haven’t really had a lot of extra time to invest in writing some new articles here. For now I am going to pull back on this as a goal until I am able to free up some time. Articles

Here are the articles that I posted on here during September. In total I published 7 articles which was a tie for most articles published in a month.

More Dividends: 1st Edition
More Dividends Update From August 2016
Goals – September 2016
Different Minds: 2nd Edition
Best Investing Quotes
Different Minds 3
Whats the difference in EPS and diluted EPS

Goals for August

I achieved some of my goals but missed on others. Some of them I missed because of choice, which will actually affect my goals for October.

    • $500 added to the portfolio
    • 8 post made to the blog
    • 2 articles published on Seeking Alpha
    • 250 organic followers on Twitter
    • 25 active members joined in the forums
    • 1,000 unique visitors to the site
    • Maintain my No Sugar Diet
    • Daily Journal Entries
    • Read and review 1 book

  • Conclusion

    This month has been a great overall month. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to accomplish everything that I wanted to but I still managed to have my best month so far. I guess that is just the proof in a dividend investing strategy where I am working to make money and my money is working too. During October I intend to deploy some capital that I have been holding since September. Despite not meeting some of my goals I am still very pleased with my overall results. I am still working on building my money machine which takes time to make it self reliant. I am exciting about moving into the final quarter of the year. I have my eye on some interesting investments. Hopefully I will be able to execute those soon and start reaping the rewards.

    I appreciate everyone who chooses to interact with me on here on MoreDividends or on other blogs. I am currently working on some ways to try and reward the readers who visit my blog all of the time. Soe plans for this are in the works so until then just stay tuned. Be sure and follow me on Twitter @MoreDividends. Recently I started a Facebook page that can be found at I also encourage everyone to go and sign up in the Forums.

    I hope that everyone enjoys reading these monthly updates as much as I like putting them together. It is the best representation of where my portfolio is right now and just allows me to really see the progress I have been making. I look forward to reading everyones question and comments. Until next time…. happy investing!

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