Watch List – SBUX , V and KR

Last month right after I decided to start my watch list shortly after I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and buy some shares of Target (TGT). I think it was a great addition to my holdings. I look forward to future opportunities to strengthen the position even more. I have decided though that I need to add a few more names to my watch list. I decided back in July to start watching these first 2 stocks after I posted this in the forums.

This first company just never seems to go on sale. It seems to always be selling for a premium price but I just see so much future potential growth for the business. It is the only place that I can go to and see lines out the door…. or backed up in the drive thru…. and everyone is just patiently waiting. To me it is currently in a league of its own with no real competition in sight and they also have the best Frappuccinos around. Of course the company I am referring to is Starbucks.

Starbucks (SBUX)

I have been contemplating this for awhile but think that I have decided to pick up shares here and there using the Loyal3 platform because shares can be purchased in whatever amount I want without having to pay a fee for the trade. So basically I am looking to selectively dollar cost average my way into a position the same way that I did with Microsoft before that stock started taking off. Now I want to give some base metrics so that I will know where the stock was at when I first added it to my Watch List.

  • Starting Price: $55.90
  • Dividend Yield: 1.43%
  • Annual Dividend: $0.80
  • PE: 31.23
  • EPS: $1.79
  • EPS Payout Ratio: 42.3%

Visa (V)

Also along with Starbucks I am also watching Visa. Once again I am aware of the fact that this stock always seems to be selling for a premium but I see great potential in this company going forward. Even when the market has had little pullbacks it doesn’t seem to affect the price of Visa very much. It is a strong company that I am considering buying some stock in and then just hoping that it would drop below my cost basis so that I could buy some more.

  • Starting Price: $80.14
  • Dividend Yield: .70%
  • Annual Dividend: $0.56
  • PE: 30.80
  • EPS: $2.60
  • EPS Payout Ratio: 20.1%

Kroger (KR)

The next stock that I am adding to my watch list is a supreme grocery store that I have grown up shopping in. Kroger was one of the first grocers to really start embracing the need for an alternative selection of groceries, they have really paved the gap between a traditional grocery store and a special grocery store like Whole Foods. Right now I see a great buying opportunity in the stock with it way off of its 52 wk high, I think there is a lot of potential for future growth with a low yield and currently maintaining a payout ratio of 21%. This is a great company that I would love to add to my portfolio.

  • Starting Price: $32.62
  • Dividend Yield: 1.47%
  • Annual Dividend: $0.48
  • PE: 15.24
  • EPS: $2.14
  • EPS Payout Ratio: 21.6%

These are the 3 stocks that I am adding to my watch list. They are all great companies and would love to add them to my portfolio given the right situation. In the future I may use different methods to acquire these stocks through either dollar cost averaging my way in or just buying a small position to start with. I intend to keep a watch on them and see where they go and hopefully I can acquire them at a good price and add them to my holdings.

Do you have any stocks that you have recently added to your watch list? I would love to hear about them. Until next time Happy Investing!

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