For your listening pleasure!

For your listening pleasure

Hey there readers. I hope that you have had a great start to 2017. I am equipped with a fresh set of Goals For 2017 and am looking to try and build my best year yet. Sometime back I made some changes in my normal routine. I was notorious for always playing music in my truck, no matter where I went to, but then I decided that I needed a change. So I made the decision to start driving with no music playing at all. What this allowed me to do was to utilize my driving time for thinking.

This new changed was great because I was making more efficient use of my time while also getting that extra thinking time. After doing this for awhile it got me to thinking on how else I could utilize this time to add some value into my life. The answer that I arrived at was to try and learn during this time. Now I know that this is nothing revolutionary but it was a step in my journey. What I found to be the best way to accomplish this was through listening to podcast.

Some of you may already be listening to podcast. I of course would love to hear from you on which ones that you listen to. There are a lot of different ways to listen to podcast. I chose to download an app called PodBean onto my phone and to stream them from there. It really changed my commute to work because now I just sync my phone with my radio and stream a podcast while I drive. I love it because it allows me to learn about a lot of interesting things while still being very efficient with my time.

At this point I have several podcast that I listen to regularly, that have varying interest. So today I thought that I would share them with you and hopefully turn you on to something new that you have never heard before.

The Rich Dad Radio Show – This is the newest podcast that I have added to my favorites. Most of you have probably heard of Robert Kioysaki. If you haven’t, then I suggest you click on his name and check out some of his books. Even though he made a lot of his money through real estate investing, he is still very knowledgable about how money works in general . They are always having very interesting guest on the show including quite a few world class economist. This always leads to very intriguing conversations about money.

Motley Fool Money – This was one of the first podcast that I started listening to about money. It covers all aspects of money from the stock market, to interest rates, the economy and much more. Very informative and up to date on current events. It’s a good podcast but it isn’t one of the first that I would play.

Mad Money Podcast – Love him or hate, Jim Cramers show Mad Money has a wealth of information about investing and the current events of the stock market. Jim Cramer has authored many books as well as running a charitable trust. This podcast is just an audio copy of his show, it is great for anyone who isn’t able to watch the tv.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast – Pat Flynn runs and host this podcast. It is not investing related but it still has a plethora of information on building passive income sources. If you are looking for some information on SEO, building a brand, marketing and a lot of other related topics; then this will be a great podcast for you.

Bigger Pockets Podcast – This podcast is focused on real estate investing and is hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner. is a great resource because it is a social network for real estate investors. The podcast always has not very well known guest, that have very interesting stories. There are so many different strategies to real estate investing and they discuss them all on this podcast. This podcast is highly recommended to anyone who invest in real estate regardless of skill level.

The Tim Ferris Show – The host Tim Ferris is the author of The 4 hour work week. It’s a great book for anyone to read regardless if you are young or old. Tim is always having very successful and interesting people on his show. He is always trying to break down the habits of the super successful to help understand what makes them that way.

Addicted 2 Success – This is a great podcast that is hosted by Joel Brown. They are always featuring great guest on the show that are all successful in their own rights. Joel Brown has built Addicted 2 Success into a great podcast, as well as a great app for the phone and website. All of these sources he has built are all great for information on how to help set yourself up for success, by learning what other people have done to make themselves successful.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – Now days Joe Rogan is mostly seen as a host for a lot of UFC events but he is also known for his standup comedy and he was a host for the show Fear Factor. He has a very interesting outlook on a lot of things in life and he is not afraid to share them. Quite often he will have guest on his show that are either stand up comedians or people associated with MMA but don’t think these are his only type of guest. Anyone could possibly show up on his show. Because of his connections, his guest might be a musician, actor, scientist or many other professions. This podcast is kind of my guilty pleasure show but it is great and I always learn interesting and obscure things from this show.

These are my favorite podcast that I listen to currently. In the past I have listened to a lot of others but over time have stopped listening to them. I am sure that in the future I will find many more new interesting podcast to listen to. If you have a favorite podcast that I did not mention above, I would love to hear about it. Hopefully you will be turned on to some new podcast from the list that I have provided above. Please leave your comments and questions below. Until next time…. happy investing.

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