Goals for 2017

Last year turned out to be a great year for me. I was able to accomplish a lot of my goals that I had set. It also allowed me plenty of learning opportunities as well. I try to set goals that are achievable but not that are so easy that they require very little effort. When I do accomplish a goal, I want it to feel like I have really achieved something. Despite missing the chance at the beginning of last year to post my yearly goals, I was very pleased with the overall results.

While I was pleased with my goals last year, I do feel that there are somethings that I can continue to improve on. Plus I will be setting new financial goals to strive for, this year.

  1. $600 in Dividend Income for 2017.
  2. I’m starting out the year with a projected dividend income of $350 for 2017. I feel like $600 is a good goal that is not easily achievable. I know that some of the dividend income will be created by reinvesting dividends but there is still a lot that I will have to contribute to achieve this.

  3. 24k visitors to the blog.
  4. Last year, the blog saw several ups and downs. This year I aim to be more consistent and to keep growing my audience. If I can average 2k visitors to the blog a month, then I will be able to achieve this goal pretty easy.

  5. Read 1 book a month and review it
  6. Recently, I published a review on Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.. It was a great book and seemed to spark an old flame in me. So, I want to make sure that I allow plenty of time to read new books. I will try to continue to review the books for this blog but I will only do this if the book relates to the subject matter of this blog.

  7. Maintain a weight of 200lbs.
  8. At 6’2″, I am currently averaging around 225lbs. Considering my height, I don’t feel like this is a very bad weight. In the future though, I plan to work towards getting my weight down and maintaining it there.

  9. Obtain 1st rental property.
  10. This was actually on my private goals list last year. My problem is that I wasn’t able to locate a semi local property that was a good deal. With property values up high, I may have the same problem this year. That will not stop me from keeping my eyes and ears open for a good deal.

  11. Increase my earned income by 25k.
  12. As I mentioned in earlier post, I have recently changed jobs. I know that over the course of this year, that my earned income will increase, I just don’t know how much. So I am setting a very high goal for myself here. If I am able to accomplish this goal, it will really pay off in dividends. (Pun intended)

  13. Continue to grow my network.
  14. I want to continue to grow my network of people. This network consist of many different fields because of my job and my interest outside of my job. The bigger my network is, the better off I am.

This is a compilation of my major goals for the year. I will continue to analyze my goals, as well as modify and add new ones. I think it is a good mix of financial, health and social goals. I’m always looking to grow as a person and a good set of goals will help me achieve that. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of bloggers in the community posting their goals for 2017. I hope that everyone is able to accomplish their goals that they set for themselves. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments and questions. Until next time happy investing!

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