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Recent Buys – Viatris, WestRock and more

Viatris Inc. is a global pharmaceutical company that came into existence because of the merger between Mylan and Upjohn, a legacy division of Pfizer, on November 16, 2020. Since forming as a company, Viatris

Recent Buy – Warner Music Group ( $WMG )

This purchase has been brewing for sometime now. The idea has been lingering for more than a year, it has just taken me that long to finally decide to deploy some capital into the

New Additions to DGI Bloggers Passive Income Portfolios!

It has been about 6 months since I have published one of these articles. I have been more active lately which means I am out there reading blogs by other dividend growth investors. So

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 12/3/2018

Welcome back readers. It has been a few weeks since I have posted one of these articles but with the market being so volatile lately, I thought that now would be a perfect time.

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 9/3/2018

This week I didn’t see a lot of investors making new purchases. What I did see was a couple of investors make a lot of purchases. Although I didn’t mention them all I do

Recent Buy – AT&T (T) – For the 3rd time this year!

Well the verdict is in. AT&T has been allowed to merge with Time Warner. Since the announcement the stock has been trending downward. I think there will be some short term volatility but this

Recent Buy – Realty Income (O)

The market has seen a lot of volatility lately. Last week saw a lot of DGI bloggers buying consumer staples. Unfortunately for me I was not able to capitalize on the pullback in the

Recent Buy – General Mills (GIS) & a little Kroger (KR)

Lately, I have been looking at several different companies across several different industries. I have started seeing some interesting opportunities pop up here and there. Now keep in mind that these purchases were made

Recent Buys – Target (TGT) & a little Coca Cola (KO)

Welcome readers and thanks for visiting. I hope that all has been going good for you. The market has now officially closed over the 20,000 mark. What an amazing time to be in the

Recent Buys – KR and AAPL

So recently I have started using a slightly different strategy than I have used in the past. I have been slowly building two different positions by dollar cost averaging my way into the positions.