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Another week of volatility has shown more opportunities for investors. The market is up and then the market is down. The opportunities available are the only constant thing. Some of the same companies have

Dividend Paying Stocks That Investors Have Been Buying

The market has been experiencing a lot of volatility lately. This has definitely sparked a lot of interest with investors. Some old familiar names showed up on the list this week, there was also

Recent Dividend Stock Buys By The DGI Bloggers

The times have been very busy lately. It has been so busy that I didn’t even realize that I missed posting this article last week. I also just now realized that I forgot to

DGI Bloggers Recent Dividend Stock Buys!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed last week over $27K. These are extreme highs but even at these highs investors are still finding some great investing opportunities. Some of these companies I am pretty

Recent Purchases from DGI Bloggers from Last Week

Last week the market reached new highs. It is not on a huge run but it has been slowly ticking up little by little. I always tell people when the market is a little

Recent Stock Buys By DGI Bloggers

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a lot of stock buying activity last week so I didn’t feel compelled to post an article. This week was a lot different. Not only was there

Additions to DGI Bloggers Passive Income Portfolios!

Investors had a busy week in the stock market. I noticed a lot more activity during the previous week. The dividend growth investing communities has spoken because they have been buying a very diverse

New Additions to DGI Bloggers Passive Income Portfolios!

It has been about 6 months since I have published one of these articles. I have been more active lately which means I am out there reading blogs by other dividend growth investors. So

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 12/3/2018

Welcome back readers. It has been a few weeks since I have posted one of these articles but with the market being so volatile lately, I thought that now would be a perfect time.

Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 10/29/2018

Last week seems like forever ago. I have been so busy at work lately that it will be really nice when it slows down a little bit. Last week there was a diverse range