Recent Buys – KR and AAPL

So recently I have started using a slightly different strategy than I have used in the past. I have been slowly building two different positions by dollar cost averaging my way into the positions. This is not to say that I want buy a bigger position if I feel it is needed as was the case when I Bought some Flowers Foods stock. I am able to dollar cost into my positions of KR and AAPL because I have been using Loyal3 and Robin Hood to do it. I am new to Robin Hood but I have been using Loyal3 for a few months now. I have been picking my times when I want to slowly add to my position.

My reasoning for why I decided to invest in some Kroger stock can be found on my post when I added Kroger to my Watch List. I haven’t spoken out much about Apple though. I think that Apple is a great company who has gotten a bad rap for awhile. I had decided to start building a position right before they announced their earnings report. Unfortunately it wasn’t until right after the announcement that I started building the position. I think the Apple Watch will continue to pickup steam moving forward and will help grow their earnings. I think that the company has a lot of R&D going into some new innovative projects that will continue to help the company be the leader that it is.

Moving forward I hope that both companies continue to grow their dividends. I think they are both good values right now and will continue to build positions in both companies. I think these are some interesting additions to my holdings and I look forward to seeing how the stocks do over the long term. I currently have updated my Portfolio and Dividend Income pages. I have no intentions of posting every time that I add to each position but I will update my Portfolio and Income pages to reflect the changes.

Thank you for reading this short update about my recent additions. If your new to my blog I encourage you to join my Forums and to Introduce Yourself. I always enjoy meeting new people in the Dividend Investing Community. I would love to know what you think about my plan of building these two positions so please leave your comments down below!

Until next time happy investing!

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