More Dividends Update – May 2016

May has been a very busy month for me. So I haven’t had a whole lot of time to focus on More Dividends. It has actually been kind of a slow month for More Dividends. I will be updating the Dividend Income and Portfolio pages today as well. Some interesting things in the works but for now I will get right into this update and let you know what has transpired during this month.


During May, I did start some new positions in a great company. I also acquired some shares via a company spin off that I will discuss in an upcoming article.

Emerson Electric Co. (EMR) – 10 shares with a cost basis of $517.45

Dividends Received

Some dividends were received but unfortunately I didn’t have the DRIP turned on yet for the position so even though I received the dividend it wasn’t reinvested in more shares of the company. This was a mistake on my part that I will not let happen again. It was a relatively new position that I had forgot to turn the DRIP on….. live and learn!

WestRock Company (WRK) – $5.25

Dividend Increases

Last month when I posted of the dividend increases it was based on the announcements from the companies. In the future I will only mention the increases as I receive them. Unfortunately I did not receive any dividend increases this month.


Although this month didn’t have much going on, each month that I keep my money invested in good dividend growth stocks is a good month in my books. The month of June will have a lot more activity with the majority of my stocks paying out dividends during the 3 month of the physical year. Also keep an eye out for my upcoming article on the stock that I received because of a spin off. Please feel free to leave me any comments below!

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