More Dividends Fund Update – July 2015

I am way behind on getting this update posted onto the web site but this may have been inhibited by the fact that there isn’t much to update on for the month of July. I have been forming some interesting ideas that I may deploy in the near future but don’t want to speak on them too much right now. I have had some unexpected expenses happen in life that has been forcing me to not be able to continue growing my portfolio as fast as I would like too. This is the reasoning behind the ideas that I mentioned before. Only time can really tell what unfolds in the future.

From my current holdings I did receive two different dividends payments during the month of July. One was for $9.78 from ( LOAN ) and the other was from ( O ) for $1.90. These two dividend payments brought my total for the month of July to $11.68.

Outside of the portfolio itself, I have done some work on adding some graphics and design elements to the website. I look forward to the future of this web site and some other projects that I am involved in! I am going to leave this a very short update this month. I welcome anyone to leave comments about the website or the portfolio and I will respond to all of them!

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