Goals for 2018

The end toward which effort is directed.

It seems very appropriate to start this post off with the definition of a goal. It appears very simplistic but by nature is very difficult. Goals only add value if they help you achieve the things that you are working towards. So in this post I will declare my financial goals as well as my personal goals. I prefer setting goals that are very big. I want to have a feeling of accomplishment when I am able to meet my goals. The beauty of setting big goals is even if you aren’t able to achieve them, you are still making huge progress. This year I think I will make quarterly updates on my goals because I think that this will help stay on track to achieve these goals. With that being said let’s take a look at the goals that I have set for 2018.

  1. $1,000 in Dividend Income for 2018.
  2. Now that’s a huge goal. I am currently projecting a PADI of $562.32. So when I reach this goal it will represent a 78% increase in my dividend income. To produce my best chance of success I know that I need to add as much capital as possible during the first half of the year. By doing that it will allow more time for the compounding factor to take effect. If I can generate around $250 of dividend income a quarter I will be able to achieve this goal very easily.

  3. 24k visitors to the blog.
  4. Last year, I saw some great growth in the blog. I was able to grow my audience as well as build some great relationships with other investors. Even though I am setting this goal, I would prefer to have quality visitors over just having a large number of visitors. I also want to take this time to thank all of the visitors that continuously come back to the blog. Your kind words are motivation for me to keep going forward. So thank you for allowing me to have some of your time!

  5. Read 1 book a month and review it
  6. I have shared several books that I have read in the past. I have tried to keep the book selections that I posted about aimed toward finance. Since I read a wider range of books expect to see some other subject matter in the coming year including personal development, business, mindset and biographies. These are just a few subjects but I may share others if I feel as though they can provide you the readers with some value. Look for the January review to be published very soon!

  7. Maintain a weight of 210 lbs
  8. Last year I sat a goal of 200lbs. I wasn’t able to reach it so this year I want to aim for 210 lbs. This goal will keep me active and healthy which is the real accomplishment that I am striving for. The weight itself is just a measure of my progress.

  9. 15,000 steps a day
  10. I think that this is a good goal which will help me maintain a good weight as well as keeping me active. I currently average around 10,000 steps a day without much extra effort. So a little bit of effort and this one will be achieved so I may end up increasing this goal during the year if I think I am obtaining it too easily but I don’t want to start with this one too large from the beginning.

  11. Obtain 1st rental property.
  12. This one is still a big one for me but I am going to set a secondary goal which will help me facilitate this goal. I want to accomplish this because I think real estate is another great way to create cash flow. Creating this kind of cash flow will help me reach financial independence even sooner.

  13. Analyze 30 real estate deals a month.
  14. This goal will help educate me on what the difference is in a good deal and a bad deal. The more practise that I have at analyzing deals will help me make better decisions when it comes to buying rental properties. 30 deals a month seems very reasonable to me since that would only be approximately one deal a day. I know that some days I will do more than others but it should average out to at lest 30 a month.

  15. Continue to grow my network.
  16. I love this goal. I operate my life in different areas rather it be on a personal level, business level or an investor level. The wider that I can grow my network and make friends with other like minded people it will only help me reach success in life. It is said that we are most like the 5 people that we spend the most time with. So it is a good goal for me to continue growing my network of like minded people. I would also like to start striving towards building myself a mastermind group. I am also looking at some other ways to continue growing my network which if I proceed with them you will be hearing about in the future.

Quite a few of these goals are similar to some that I set last year. Some are new to my list but they are designed to help me accomplish other goals. If I decide to add some along the way I will update you on those during the quarterly reviews of my goals. These goals are chosen because they will help me be strong in health and in wealth. My ultimate goal is reaching financial independence and being healthy enough so that I can enjoy it.

What are some of the big goals that you all have set for the year? What is your strategy for accomplishing them? I would love to hear about them!

As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

-Jason from MoreDividends.com

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