Updates From the DGI Community – July 2019

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Welcome to this new article series. In this monthly article I will chronicle the dividend income received in the community as well as recap some of the recent purchases that have been made! This article will continue to expand in the coming months while I figure out just how to configure it all.

July is the first month of Q3. For the most part the market traded sideways during the month because it ended the month about 100 points higher than when it started.

That didn’t stop dividend growth investors from being able to rack up plenty of dividend income during the month. I am going to start chronicling all of the dividend income that is received by the bloggers.

Since everyone posts their monthly dividend income update at different times, I will try to keep this as complete as possible. To make sure you make it on the list just send me the link on either Facebook or Twitter!

Dividend Income From The Bloggers

Recent Buys From The Bloggers

Over the past month one of the most popular stocks that I saw the investors buying was AbbVie. It’s price has declined so much that the investors have been seeing it as being very undervalued. Take a look at some of the other stocks that the investors have been buying over the past couple of weeks!

Recent Stock Buys By DGI Bloggers – Posted on 6/30/2019
Recent Purchases from DGI Bloggers from Last Week – Posted on 7/15/2019
DGI Bloggers Recent Dividend Stock Buys! – Posted on 7/22/2019
Recent Dividend Stock Buys By The DGI Bloggers – Posted on 8/5/2019


In the future, I will continue to expand on this article series including more DGI bloggers listed in the monthly dividend income spreadsheet.

Also expect another article series coming soon that will help compliment this monthly update!

I hope that you have enjoyed this first monthly installment on the update from the DGI community. Check back next month to see how the bloggers have been doing in August!

As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

-Jason from MoreDividends.com

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