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AT&T (T) Increases Their Dividend 2%

Dividend Increase Announcement On December 13th, AT&T announced a dividend increase of 2%. This will increase their dividend per quarter from $0.51 to $0.52. It is payable on February 3rd for shareholders of record

Recent Buy – AT&T (T) – For the 3rd time this year!

Well the verdict is in. AT&T has been allowed to merge with Time Warner. Since the announcement the stock has been trending downward. I think there will be some short term volatility but this

Recent Buy – AT&T (T) Again

The market has been seeing quite a bit of volatility lately. Some days it is up and some days it is down. With this volatility comes a lot of opportunities to buy stock in

Recent Buy – AT&T (T)

February went by and I didn’t make a single purchase. So I thought I would make a new purchase early in March. I was considering several different opportunities. Several of my current holdings like