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As many of you readers already know I am a through and through dividend stock investor. The dividend growth investing is the core of my investing strategy. I do find it is very advantageous to have a well diversified portfolio at the same time.

If you have been following the blog for awhile you will have seen me talk about some of my alternative investing ideas. Here I will go over and sum up some of my ideas and the assets that I hold because of it.

Dividend Stocks

This one is pretty much a given. Everyone should know that I hold plenty of dividend stocks. What you may not know is how diverse my portfolio actually is.

I report More Dividends as my portfolio but the truth is that it is just a portion of my dividend portfolio. I also collect dividends in my Bumped account, my ESPP account, and my HSA Investment account.

As we know, the Bumped account is a collection of small positions in company stock that pay dividends. This account doesn’t really generate much dividend income.

Now, in my Employee Stock Purchase Plan I have established a rather large position in stock from a solid company that I work for that pays dividends.

In my HSA Investment account I hold a growing position in a good exchange traded fund. I am only offered a small selection of funds to choose from so I am in the best solid dividend payer with the least amount of expense ratio. Needless to say I continue to stash tax free money into this account and let it compound and grow for me!

Municipal Bonds

Bonds is some new territory for me. I am sure that I hold some bonds through the funds that I am in with my 401K but earlier this year I started nibbling a small position in a municipal bond fund.

As interest rates have declined a high interest savings account just doesn’t look as appealing anymore. My anticipated plan was to stash money into this bond fund but then sell some off to raise capital to buy other dividend stocks.

Thus far, I have not grown the position to a point where I could really enact this plan. Only time will tell if it works out.

Worthy Bonds

I haven’t really mentioned this much on the blog. If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen me talk about it from time to time but earlier this year I began investing in Worthy Bonds. I simply have it set up to take out a small amount of money every week and buy me several Worthy bonds. Since I began doing this at the beginning of the year I have been able to build up a nice little position in Worthy Bonds.

I am allowing the money to set there in these bonds and I collect a 5% return on my investment. Since I have been adding the money slowly it has really built up and all of the interest earned is just reinvested back into more bonds. It is building up to a little snowball of its own.


If you remember a few years back I began investing in high interest CDs. As we know now, that interest isn’t very high. I had chosen to reinvest the CDs at maturity and to double the principal. I am now in the second year of this cycle and am not sure that I will continue it into a 3rd year.

I have contemplated cashing these out before during previous corrections. Thus far they have remained solid. Who knows if we get a correction after the election I may end up cashing them all out then to buy some more dividend stocks.

Gold and Silver

Back a couple of years ago I decided to start buying physical gold and silver. While I have amassed a nice collection, I can honestly say that I haven’t bought any this year because of the run up in the price.

I am nowhere near holding 10% of my portfolio in gold and silver. I would love to see the price come down enough to create a buying opportunity for me. Only time will tell on this one but it isn’t looking like anytime soon.


Yes, you read that correctly. I even hold some Bitcoin as part of my investing portfolio.

I actually store my Bitcoin in 2 different ways. To start with, I just hold a position in straight Bitcoin on my coinbase account. I only see gains here with the increases in the price. I do have a recurring purchase setup for this account though.

On top of holding just straight Bitcoin, I also hold a larger position on the Celsius network. For anyone who doesn’t know, with me holding Bitcoin and Celsius coins there I am actually paid an interest on my monies. Now, the amount of interest earn will vary given price fluctuations as well. This occurs because you are paid the interest in either Bitcoin or Celsius coins.

Final thoughts on the assets that I own

As I think we can plainly see now, I have built a pretty diverse portfolio of assets. You will notice that I do not directly hold any real estate but trust me that will change in due time.

While I know that I cannot time the markets, I do look for good buying opportunities in different asset classes. I do not see a problem with moving some capital around if I can invest it better.

Some steps that I take in portfolio would be considered offensive moves while other steps would be considered defensive precautions. By taking this approach I feel like I am setting myself up well because I am prepared to do well during good times and prepared to take advantage of hard times.

Only time will tell if some of my strategies pay off or not but I do feel like by investing in these asset classes that I am setting myself up with the best chances at success!!!

As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

-Jason from MoreDividends.com

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