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If you have been with me on this journey since the beginning then you will know that it has been going on for 5 years now. I have learned a lot of things along the way. Sometimes that is learning what to do but others times that means learning what not to do.

In a little bit of time, I was able to sign up for a hosting account and set up a blog. Once that was ready then all I had to do was start investing and documenting my experience.

Regardless of how the journey was going to go, I was going to be open about my experiences and share them here on the blog. It was recently pointed out to me though that one of the things that I have never shared is the reason why I blog. So I thought that I would take a few minutes and explain why I’m a DGI blogger.

In The Beginning

Things were kind of rough when I started blogging. This idea of saving and investing were new concepts to me. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to commit to the lifestyle change that would be required to pull this off but I decided to proceed forward with it anyways. So I setup the blog and prepared to document my dividend investing journey.

The first few articles felt like practising in the dark. I knew that I was doing something but I couldn’t see it yet and wasn’t getting no feedback on it. Then one day I finally received my first comment. For anyone who has started a blog, I bet that you can still remember that first time that you got a comment.

As I blogged more and more I began to mingle with other online bloggers in the space of frugal living, personal finance and especially dividend growth investing!

DGI Community

It happened naturally. Once the blog was up and going I was reading more and more about dividends. I needed to know about the companies, the lingo, what other investors were buying and anything else relevant that I could find out.

I think that it is an amazing beautiful thing when the internet can be used as a place for like minded individuals to gather and share and express ideas. That is exactly what the dividend growth investing community is though so I wanted to start including those types of elements into the blog.

So far the blog consisted of articles about my journey as an investor as well as some geared toward more education topics. So I thought it would fit in great to include some articles that involved elements from the community.

One thing that I have come to find out because of tracking information on my investments and even sharing it on the blog it has made me come to realize how much I actually enjoy using Microsoft Excel to do stuff.

Microsoft Excel

While the program can be very boring and data driven, there is a whole nother side of it that is visual. Because of my need to displace my information it forced me to keep digging and learning more with excel. These early experiences sparked something and over the past 5 years I went from knowing nothing about Microsoft Excel to being almost ready to get certified by Microsoft.

This has been an interesting element that has come about because of the blogging. I am glad that it has led me to acquiring these skills because they will only prove to be beneficial for me in the future!

Passive Income

Yes, it is true. It is possible to earn passive income from a blog. It started out as just a little trickle but the flow has gotten larger over time. The passive income has proven to be nice but it still isn’t the largest why that I have for producing content for this blog.

Most of the passive income that I generate for this blog is actually just reinvested back into the blog. It is used either for advertising or to hire a graphic designer.

Staying Focused

This has got to be by far the biggest reason that I blog. The staying focused part is very important. Publishing a Monthly Update article every month is very key in keeping me focused. That is like publishing your report card to your peers.

Because I am so involved with this it will only help me out over the long term. It does beg the question if you could say that the better blogger I am then the better investor I will be.

No matter how much I learn and study only time is going to tell on that one.

Until Next Time

If this article has inspired you to start your own dividend growth investing blog, then I highly recommend you check out my article titled How To Set Up a Blog For DGI Investing. This is a great article that is designed to help someone understand the steps that are required to set up their own blog. It provides links to where you can host your blog, the platform to run your blog on and some great plugins that I have found to be very useful.

It would appear to me that investing the time in this blog is paying off dividends to me in more ways than one. I will continue to produce for this blog as long as there is value to be created. The blog has not only enriched my journey so far but I would like to think that it has enriched a few of yours too!

I would love to hear about what your WHy is in the comments down below. Be sure and leave me a link to your blog!

As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

-Jason from MoreDividends.com

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