Recent Buys from DGI Bloggers – Week of 6/11/2018


The past week has been an interesting one indeed. My prediction was wrong though. There wasn’t as much volatility in the markets as I thought there would be. Despite the fact that net neutrality it dead, despite the fact that AT&T and Time Warner will be merging and despite the fact that the fed increased interest rates the markets still didn’t move a whole lot. It seems that the tariff talk on Friday caused as much volatility as anything else.

Maybe next week we will see more volatility. Until then let’s take a look at some of the capital that was deployed last week by some of you the DGI Bloggers.

American Electric Power Co (AEP)

  • Tall Investing recently purchased 25 shares
  • Armanino Foods of Distinction, Inc. (AMNF)

  • Lanny from Dividend Diplomats recently purchased 500 shares
  • AT&T (T)

  • DesiDividend recently purchased 15 shares
  • Dividend Daze recently purchased 21 shares
  • WellRoundedInvestor recently purchased 50 shares
  • Altria Group (MO)

  • Engineering Dividends recently purchased 50 shares
  • Philip Morris Inc. (PM)

  • Fiscal Voyage recently purchased 15 shares

  • There we have it. As could be expected AT&T saw some buying after the court ruling on the merger. Plus we see some old favorites like Altria and Philip Morris show up. Then we have some lesser known like American Electric Power and Armanino Foods see some action. So clearly there was no concentration in one sector over the past week. Investors are seeing opportunities show up in different places and then they are taking advantage of those opportunities.

    I hope that you enjoyed this list of Recent Buys From DGI Bloggers From The Past Week.

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