The Disappearing Act Is Over!


Hopefully, you read the title right…. because my disappearing act is over. It has been almost 2 months since I added anything new to this blog and I apologise for that. As some of you may know, I have been going through a job change at the place where I work at, which I absolutely love, but along with the new job came a lot more responsibilities. Thus, I found myself in a situation where I was working 12 hour days….. 7 days a week. While this is not the most pleasant schedule, I do know that overtime like that doesn’t come around all the time. So if you want it, you better get it while you can and boy did I get it. Now, as the holidays are winding down, I am finding that my work schedule has calmed back down to normal. So calm in fact, that I was able to slip away for a weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina, right before Christmas. My main reason for taking the trip to Asheville was because I wanted to tour through the Biltmore Estate. It is the largest privately owned house in America and it is worth every penny to tour through it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area and has a few hours to kill. With all of the work and mini vacation behind me, I will have a lot of my time freed up. So it’s needless to say that I will be around a lot more now.

It has really been an interesting run that the stock market has been on the past 2 months. While I haven’t really made any big additions to my holdings, there have been a couple of positions that I have been adding small amounts to here and there. I may not always post about the small additions but the information that I keep on the Portfolio Page is always up to date. Rest assured though, that if I were to add a new position I would most definitely make a post about it. I will give a shoutout in my next post to anyone who can tell me the two positions that I have been adding to.

Speaking of next post, I will have several new post coming out over the next couple of days. It will be a nice collection of new and old ideas. That is one nice thing about having some time away from the blog. It allowed me to think more freely and not always trying to think of new post ideas. I hope that you will enjoy reading the new post as much as I have while preparing for them.

I also look forward to having more time to be able to visit the blogs of other dividend investors in the community and to catch up with all of you. I hope that all has been going well. Speak with you soon!

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