More Dividends Update – June 2016

June has been was a very interesting month for me. I opened up a Twitter account @MoreDividends. On there I will be posting articles I read and like, as well as my thoughts as they happen in real time. Follow me to stay up to date. I will be updating the Dividend Income and Portfolio pages today as well to reflect the changes that have occured. Also during the month of June I had my first article published on Seeking Alpha. Now let me get to the details of what all has happened during the month of June.


During June, I did start a new position. After writing my article More Dividends Portfolio Allocation I decided to look into some other sectors to add to my portfolio. Because of earlier decisions in my investing career I decided to look in the REIT sector and what I decided to do was I Bought: Omega Healthcare Investors, INC.

Omega Healthcare Investors, INC, (OHI) – 16 shares with a cost basis of $524.95

This will add $18.56 to Dividend Income for the year

Dividend Increases

During the month of June some of the Dividends that I received were actually raises for me. It is always nice to get a raise for doing absolutely nothing!

Southern Company (SO) – $0.5425 to $0.56 – 3.2% increase
Wells Fargo (WFC) – $0.375 to $0.38 – 1.3% increase
Exxon Mobil (XOM) – $0.73 to $0.75 – 2.7% increase

Dividends Received

During the month of June I received quite a bit of Dividend Income. All dividends were reinvested.

Bank of America (BAC) – $3.36
Microsoft (MSFT) – $2.11
Southern Company (SO) – $5.66
Wells Fargo (WFC) – $3.80
Exxon Mobil (XOM) – $9.98

In total June accounted for $29.95 of my projected 2016 Dividend Income.
June was the last month of Q2 which produced $41.20 of Dividend Income for me.

So far my dividends received looks like this

MoreDividends Income June 2016

Portfolio Allocation

As promised I have decided to start including a graph of my portfolio allocation into my month update. So without further adieu

MoreDividends Portfolio Allocation june 2016

I am feeling better about my allocation right now but I will continue to observe it as time goes on. As more new capital is invested it will have smaller impacts on the overall allocation of my holdings.

Seeking Alpha Articles

June 2016 marked the first time that I had an article published on SeekingAlpha. I hope in the future to be able to have more articles published on Seeking Alpha and will keep everyone updated about this on my Seeking Alpha Articles page here on the blog. Here are the SeekingAlpha articles that I had published this month.

Flowers Foods – Any Upside? – Published on 6-16-16 Articles

June marked my highest number of post in a month with 7. Here are the articles that I posted this month.

MoreDividends Update – May 2016
WestRock spin off of Ingevity Corporation
Banks take aim at customers with credit cards
Flowers Foods – Any Upside?
MoreDividends Portfolio Allocation
Why Hold Gold?
Bought: Omega Healthcare Investors, INC.


As you can see, I had a lot going on during the month of June. A lot of dividends were paid out which help me drive growth in my portfolio, along with some dividends getting raises. I have been able to increase the number of post on the blog which is a goal of mine but only if the post continue to offer something for the reader. Moving into the future I am looking to start growing some passive income streams so that I can use the income in my MoreDividends portfolio.

I am enjoying this journey that I am on to achieve financial freedom and am glad that you have chosen to be apart of this journey with me. Hopefully I can have a productive month moving forward into the month of July. I look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to leave me any questions or comments!

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