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More Dividends - Dividends Income

July proved to be a pretty good month for me. It has been nice watching as my first month of the quarters dividend income has continued to grow. It started out paying only a fraction of what the end of the quarter would pay but has time has gone on it has grown almost as large as the others.

Regardless, every dollar paid is another dollar that can be reinvested!!!

Stock Additions

If you check my current portfolio it would appear as if there was a stock addition during July. The truth of the matter is that I am so late with making this monthly update that the stock addition happened during the month of August and not July. So look for that in next months update which is expected to be published on time next month!

Until then, let;s take a look at how the portfolio did during the month of July.

Dividends Received

As I mentioned, the dividend income has truly grown for the month of July.

Cardinal Health (CAH) – $9.59 – Reinvested

Genuine Parts (GPC) – $9.87 – Reinvested

JP Morgan Chase (JPM) – $13.63 – Reinvested

Coca Cola (KO) – $6.34 – Reinvested

Manhattan Bridge Capital (LOAN) – $.60 – Reinvested

Altria Group (MO) – $37.05 – Reinvested

Realty Income (O) – $8.09 – Reinvested

Store Capital (STOR) – $7.90

iShares National Muni Bond ETF (MUB) – $0.41

July was the first month of Q2 and accounted for $93.48 of my 2020 Dividend Income.

In total as of July during 2020, I earned $ $730.03 in dividend income!

MoreDividends Income July 2020
MoreDividends Income July 2020 - 2

Dividends Received By Year

Wow!!! I was very surprised by this one. It kind of snuck up on me. My year over year change for the month of July was 147%. I was so shocked that I actually checked the math twice.

MoreDividends Income July 2020
MoreDividends Income July 2020 - 2
MoreDividends Income July 2020 - 3

Portfolio Allocation

With no new stock additions the portfolios allocation has all been drive by the fluctuations in the markets.

More Dividends Portfolio Allocation July 2020

Current Portfolio

I continue to be proud of how the portfolio has performed for me over the years. I am always learning more and expanding on my investing knowledge but the real joy is watching the portfolio grow over time like a good cash machine!

More Dividends Portfolio July 2020 Articles

No articles were posted during the month of July.

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The last few months have been a true testament to the beauty of dividend investing. While I have been very busy in life on tons of new exciting things, my dividend portfolio has continued to work for me. It is exciting to watch as it continues to grow. Each dividend paid is reinvested to just continue building my snowball!

As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

-Jason from

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