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Welcome back readers. November was a calm month for my portfolio and for life in general. I added a couple of shares to some of my smaller positions. I had a great month for dividend income. The nice thing about dividend investing is even when I get busy in life, my portfolio will continue to work for me. Even though there is not a lot of deals in the market lately, I will continue to add to my portfolio when opportunities arise.

So let’s take a look back and see how my portfolio has changed during the month of November.


There was no major additions to my portfolio during the month. I did however add a couple of shares to my positions in Hormel and Kroger. If no other opportunities come around I will continue to add to these positions. I think they are great companies but I only want to add shares if it is below my cost basis.

Dividends Received

November was a good month for me. I am seeing some nice growth during the second month of the quarter. This growth hasn’t been directly planned since I don’t care when my dividends are paid. I know that this may leave my dividend income a little lopsided but I am still in the accumulating stage at this point and time. Most of my dividends were reinvested. This will allow me to continue building my positions until I reach a point and decide to turn the drips off.

Apple (APPL) – $1.26 – Reinvested

General Mills (GIS) – $8.43 – Reinvested

Hormel (HRL) – $1.36

Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) – $23.17 – Reinvested

STAG Industrial (STAG) – $1.29

WestRock (WRK) – $6.26 – Reinvested

November was the second month of Q4 and accounted for $41.77 of my 2017 Dividend Income.

So far my dividends received looks like this

Dividends Received By Year

Year over year, I saw a 145% increase in dividends earned during the month of November. The reinvested dividends helped out here but the additions were the real powerhouses. I added General Mills and a doubled up my position in Omega Healthcare Investors. Hopefully I can continue to produce this kind of year over year growth in the future.

Portfolio Allocation

With no big additions to my portfolio there isn’t going to be a big change in the allocation. Any changes are just caused by the movements of the market. One thing I did notice this month is that despite my large positions in the financial sectors, my allocations in those sectors are going down. This is only a result of me adding to positions in other sectors. Let’s take a look at what my current allocation looks like.

Current Portfolio

With the changes in the market and the very small additions to my portfolio. Let’s see how my portfolio currently looks. Articles

Here are the articles that I posted on here during October from oldest to newest.

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November turned out to be a good month for me. This month had a combination of small additions, great year over year growth and reinvested dividends. It is nice to see my portfolio hard at work for me. It is great to continue seeing my positions increase their dividends. All and all I am very pleased with where my portfolio is headed.

December should prove to be a great month for me. Hopefully I will be able to set a new record for dividend income. I am going to produce a few more articles next month for the blog. So it is going to be an exciting month to end the year with.

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As always I look forward to reading all of your comments and questions, until then….. happy investing!

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