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Dividends: What are They and Why Do They Matter?

This is a guest post from DollarBreak.com Many people consider investing in the stock market to help meet their financial goals, but they are unaware of the importance of dividends. Here we’ll explore what

All About Payout Ratios

What is a payout ratio? A payout ratio is a very common metric in dividend investing. Simply put, it is the proportion of earnings that are paid out as dividends to the shareholders. Most

What’s the difference in EPS and diluted EPS?

Hey there future and current investors. Recently, I was approached with a question by a colleague of mine that I work with, who is aware of the fact that I invest in dividend stocks

Banks take aim at consumers with credit cards!

Consumer confidence has greatly improved since the dark days during the financial crisis in 2008. Since that time a lot of regulation has been placed on the banks lending practises but have no fear

Should I participate in an ESPP?

This is the question that I have been pondering on lately. Should I participate in my company’s ESPP? What is an ESPP you might ask? It is short for Employee Stock Purchase Plan. I

To DRIP or not to DRIP

To start with lets start with what is a DRIP. A DRIP is a Dividend ReInvestment Plan, where your dividends are reinvested into the security that is paying you the dividend. You can do

What is a “Dividend”

I figure this is a fair place to start on here. So let’s start with the question…. What is a “Dividend”. The answer to that question is…. A dividend is a distribution of a