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Bumped Overview

I first learned about the Bumped app back in 2019. I hadn’t heard very much about it but when I heard that you had to wait in line to even use the app, I went ahead and got in line. After getting in line, I decided to dig deeper into what this Bumped app was all about.

It didn’t take me very long to realize what a cool opportunity this was. Bumped works as a brand loyalty program that pays you in stock of the companies that you shop at. Not only do they pay you in stock but if the company pays dividends then you will receive dividends on that stock also.

One thing I will say is that if you don’t feel comfortable putting your credit card info on this app than this is not the app for you. Because this app has no purpose if you are not willing to link your credit card.

So needless to say, once you have waited in line and then made it to the front of the line then you will be able to download the app. Once you have the app you can then link up your credit card to the app.

Brand Loyalties

Bumped brand loyalties

As we can see in the screenshot, the app provides us with multiple categories. Then underneath each one of those categories it has a selection of different brands. So let’s say for instance that we wanted to look underneath the “Coffee” category.

Bumped Coffee Brands

Now we can see the menu drops down and we have a choice between Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin and Peet’s. Once you have made all of your selections for your favorite brands, now you can just carry on with normal life and forget this app.

For me some of the categories do not really apply because I do not shop with any of the brands. Other categories though are a huge benefit for me because I shop at those places all of the time.

As you look through the list of the different companies you will find that some brands offer a higher % on the reward for shopping there. I didn’t let that persuade me too much, I just tried to stick with the brands that I knew I would be shopping at a lot.

Portfolio View

bumped portfolio view

Now that you have made all of your brand selections you can pretty much forget about this app and continue going about your everyday normal life. As you swipe your credit card at the brands that you selected, you will begin to amass those rewards into your portfolio.

Bumped provides a nice little chart so that we can see how our portfolio is currently looking. It is nice to see it in this round pie chartish type of display. My only complaint with this is that when you receives some rewards that are super small compared to the rest of the portfolio, it may not even show up on your chart. When that happened I just checked the list at the top of the screen to see how much I had of that particular reward.

More Dividends Bumped Portfolio

more dividends bumped portfolio

If you follow me on Twitter @MoreDividends then you have probably seen me post some screenshots of how the portfolio was doing. I am happy to announce that right now it has built up to a value of $33.66.

While this may not seem like a lot, lets consider the fact that I did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to get it.

I enjoy drinking Starbucks coffee so I would end up buying one with or without this app. Because of this app though I have managed to manifest a 1/4 of a share of Starbucks. What is even better than that is the fact that it will continue to pay me dividends as long as I hold the shares.


Overall, Bumped is a great app. No one is going to get rich using this app but it is a nice way to build onto your portfolio. Considering that I haven’t spent no extra money, it is nice that I am about to reap some benefits. I will continue letting the shares build up overtime which will be expedited buy the fact that I am able to receive dividends in this account.

I am not sure how large, this will get before I decide to do something with it. Until then though, I will continue to post periodic updates on social media.

If you have been using the app, I would love to hear how your experience has been so far! Let me know by leaving me a comment down below.

-Jason from MoreDividends.com

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