Buying Coke and Microsoft with Loyal3

Since I have started using Loyal3 I decided that I wanted to find some good solid companies, where I could accumulate a lot of shares of them companies, at almost any time and it would still be good purchases. Loyal3 gives the option of a lot of really good companies, so I decided to look for some which also explored some new sectors that I’m currently not invested in.

The first company that I decided on was Coca Cola. The company operates in the consumer staple sector. I honestly didn’t do a lot of research here before I bought some fractional shares. Coca Cola is a great company to have in any portfolio but it isn’t currently a huge dividend stock with a lot of potential for huge growth. So I will hang onto what I have right now but do not plan to add any more shares in the near future unless I see a big change in the direction that the company is headed.

The second addition to my portfolio via Loyal3 is none other than Microsoft. A lot of people will argue that now is not the time to start a position in Microsoft based on them being around their 52 week highs but I tend to disagree. I am well aware that now is not the best time to start a position in this company but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good time. The best entry point…. maybe not….. but I only see it going up for the next few years so I want to get in sooner rather than later.

The biggest thing that I really like about the company is the fact that they are evolving some of their business models. In previous years, if you wanted Microsoft Office you would buy it and then update it as you saw fit since new versions came out every year. With the introduction of Office 365 it is now becoming a subscription based program. In the short term this may not seem that significant but as time goes on more and more large user accounts will need to upgrade. Once school systems and large corporations start converting to Office 365 you will continue to see the revenue grow.

Another great aspect of their business is their growing cloud business. One part of their business which seems to be seriously lacking is their cell phone business. I think it would be best if they just shut down the cell phone business but if they don’t at lest they do have some growing businesses that can offset their cell phone business. I will continue to add to my position in Microsoft so that I can lower my cost basis.

So far I like using Loyal3 for some things so I will continue to do this moving forward as I strengthen my current positions and look for more potential positions that I can open using the Loyal3 platform.

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